Friday, December 21, 2012

Event 1--The Bro Code

The Bro Code was about how the media such as: TV shows, movies, magazines etc have their own set of ideas and values about how the men of today are supposed to act. They portray men as being ‘big’, strong and powerful people who can basically get women at the drop of a dime.  The film was broken down into four steps: Step 1: Train Men to Womanize, Step 2: Immerse Men in Porn, Step 3: Make Rape Jokes and Step 4: Obey the Masculinity Cops.  As the movie takes you through each step, it shows you how basically the men and more so the youth of today, are taught to disrespect men in order to gain a sense of power.

Step 1: Train Men to Womanize
This segment focused largely on how men are portrayed in the media.  Men in popular media today are pretty much just looking for sex.  Keith used the show Jersey Shore as an example.  This show could not be more about men wanting sex.  Personally, I’ve never seen an episode because I feel like I would lose brain cells if I did but of course I know about the show and it is totally ridiculous.  Once this show aired it was like every guy wanted to be Pauly D and every girl wanted to be Snooki.  Men see other men getting women and having sex with them as if it is a reward and they feel they need to earn that same honor.
>>I found this xtranormal I thought was funny! Snooki & Pauly D

Step 2: Immerse Men in Porn
This segment focused on porn and how easily accessibly porn has become.  Keith mentions that boys as young as 12 years old are being submerged into the pornography world.  As I was watching these segment I couldn't help but agree when Keith was saying that porn transforms how men see some women.  While writing this post I referred back to our sex positivity reading and how pornography was the first issue to unite sex positive feminists.  Basically pornography was viewed as a civil rights issue, arguing that porn was sex discrimination against women.  The sex-positive movement responded with the argument that the legislation against porn violated a woman's freedom of speech.  It is a woman's freedom of speech, men just take it in a disturbed direction sometimes because of how the media has taught them to use it.

Step 3: Make Rape Jokes
This segment focused on how "boy culture" makes rape jokes okay which is false.  The use of rape jokes offends rape victims and is violent towards women
>>I found this tumblr of why rape jokes aren't funny! I really liked it...

Step 4: Obey the Masculinity Cops
This segment focused on the men in a boy's life reinforce how he is supposed to act.
This segment made me think back to the Kimmel reading about how boys are supposed to be a certain way--violent, etc.

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