Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Post! just thought I'd share with everyone

So I was telling Chris (briefly) at the end of class yesterday that in my Abnormal Psychology class we were covering suicide & gender identity and that yesterday we were having a guest speaker from Youth Pride Inc in Providence.

[In case there's some of you who are like me & have never heard of Youth Pride Inc (YPI) before: it is a safe place for members & supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning youth to come and feel accepted and work together.

The speaker was a transman (female to male).  He shared his story with us and he gave a presentation, similar to the one Chris gave when we covered LGBTQQ issues; he did the spectrum with us like we did in class:





He talked a lot about using the correct vocabulary and trying to watch what you say so you don't offend anyone.  This part of his presentation really hit home for me---my sister battles a pretty serious eating disorder (Bulimia) she's in & out the hospital & outpatient clinics and living with this for the past 7 years has made me really cautious (for lack of a better term) about what I say.  Certain things you say or names you call her can affect her differently than if you were to like say them to me or something.  I thought it was really important that he stressed that name calling, not just for LGBTQQ kids, but for kids and people in general isn't acceptable.

He also talked a lot about acceptance, that although Rhode Island has come a along way there is of course still a long way to go---it's a work in progress.  And the (I could have this out of sequence so don't quote me) "Stop it, Name it, Claim it"...if you say something you think or know is offensive or you hear someone else do it...stop, acknowledge it, own up to it, apologize and move on.  He said it's better to acknowledge the fact that you offended someone and apologize than just pretend like you never said it and it never happened----i thought that was really cool

And of course he invited everyone to stop by Youth Pride Inc (: 
It's right across from Classical High School in case anyone wants to check it out!

SOOO throughout his presentation & at the end he asked questions about our knowledge on these topics, I am so proud to say I was basically the only one who could answer his questions with enough confidence to feel like I knew what I was talking about, thanks to this class (:  A lot of kids were asking questions & I kept saying to myself  "THE ANSWER TO THAT IS _____" 

*I was really excited to see my two favorite classes actually intersecting; it was interesting to see the issue from a psychological perspective with my knowledge of the feminist perspective lurking in the background (:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


SO today was the first election EVER that I got to vote in & I was so excited, mainly because of this class haha
I walked up to the table and gave my name & address & blah blah blah and was like IT'S MY FIRST TIME VOTING! and the other people in line clapped (: there was an older woman sitting at the table checking someone else in, she leaned over and said to me: it's so nice to see a young, FEMALE exercising her right to vote...honestly it made me feel a little proud.

I was out with my dad doing stuff for the basketball league he runs, while we were out we drove by some of our districts headquarters, there was so much commotion going on!  Before this class I never really paid attention to politics but I felt for this election I was really informed which is probably a good thing since it was my first time haha.
On Sunday, while I was at my cousins his friend was over, I was in the kitchen & could hear yelling coming from the other room so of course I went to check it out & of course they were discussing politics.  It was the first politically intelligent conversation I think I've ever had

I've been watching the results with my dad, he works for the city of Providence so he understands this & is way more involved than I am.  I've also been asking friends & family who they've voted for.

What I find really interesting, maybe a little even unfair, is that in the end the electoral votes are the deciding factor.  I also kind of laughed, and I don't know why, that Romney didn't win Massachusetts's votes...I guess to me I just thought they'd vote for their own, but they are a democratic state after all.

I was a little surprised Elizabeth Warren & David Cicilline won...
Sheldon Whitehouse won too...I voted for him haha

that's all I've seen so far
I'm sure as I keep watching I'll be able to add more!