Tuesday, November 6, 2012


SO today was the first election EVER that I got to vote in & I was so excited, mainly because of this class haha
I walked up to the table and gave my name & address & blah blah blah and was like IT'S MY FIRST TIME VOTING! and the other people in line clapped (: there was an older woman sitting at the table checking someone else in, she leaned over and said to me: it's so nice to see a young, FEMALE exercising her right to vote...honestly it made me feel a little proud.

I was out with my dad doing stuff for the basketball league he runs, while we were out we drove by some of our districts headquarters, there was so much commotion going on!  Before this class I never really paid attention to politics but I felt for this election I was really informed which is probably a good thing since it was my first time haha.
On Sunday, while I was at my cousins his friend was over, I was in the kitchen & could hear yelling coming from the other room so of course I went to check it out & of course they were discussing politics.  It was the first politically intelligent conversation I think I've ever had

I've been watching the results with my dad, he works for the city of Providence so he understands this & is way more involved than I am.  I've also been asking friends & family who they've voted for.

What I find really interesting, maybe a little even unfair, is that in the end the electoral votes are the deciding factor.  I also kind of laughed, and I don't know why, that Romney didn't win Massachusetts's votes...I guess to me I just thought they'd vote for their own, but they are a democratic state after all.

I was a little surprised Elizabeth Warren & David Cicilline won...
Sheldon Whitehouse won too...I voted for him haha

that's all I've seen so far
I'm sure as I keep watching I'll be able to add more!


  1. I think the class made it easier for me to know where I stand and also understand better all parties :)

    ps: I hope you are doing better

  2. Congrats on voting for the first time darlin!!! And I'm not surprised Elizabeth Warren won. But I voted for Whitehouse!! Love him!

  3. Yeah congrats on voting for the first time. Thats so nice and exciting how people clapped for you and the women said so nice to see a young woman vote. Thats nice. :)

  4. The same thing happened to me! I saw an old teacher and he made me feel so good about voting! It just felt good to be there. What an experience!